The Louis Vuitton Foundation presents the Courtauld collection

The Louis Vuitton Foundation presents the Courtauld collection

Publish on Monday, 8 April 2019 in Culture

The Louis Vuitton Foundation, the art museum and cultural centre sponsored by the LVMH group, is committed to promoting art and modern and contemporary artistic creation. The Hotel Albe Saint-Michel invites you to take a tour and discover the exhibition of the moment. The Courtauld Collection: A Vision of Impressionism runs until June 17th, 2019!


The legendary Courtauld collection of Impressionist works

The Louis Vuitton Foundation continues to be a focus for the programme of philanthropy undertaken by the LVMH group since 1990. In the Foundation building, situated in the heart of the Jardin d'Acclimatation, you can currently view an exhibition devoted to the magnificent collection assembled by the English textile manufacturer and patron of the arts, Samuel Courtauld (1876-1947). It brings together, for the first time in Paris for 60 years, more than 110 works including about sixty Impressionist paintings. This collector, who helped to discover and foster appreciation of the great Impressionists across the Channel, gathered an exceptional collection of paintings by such illustrious artists as Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Gauguin, Cezanne, Sisley and Van Gogh. Currently owned by the Courtauld Gallery, these works are on loan to the Louis Vuitton Foundation.


Don’t miss the highlights of the exhibition

The exhibition reflects the artistic commitment and superb taste of Samuel Courtauld. The collection includes masterpieces that show the development of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism from the end of the 19th century.

You will have the opportunity to admire such masterworks as Manet's A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1882), a painting famous for its mirror background and tricks of perspective. You won’t want to miss the yearning and intensity of Gauguin's Nevermore, in which a nude symbolises lost innocence and the corruption caused by colonisation. Other legendary works on display include Claude Monet's famous painting, Antibes, representing a view of the Gulf of Juan, and Van Gogh’s powerfully poignant Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear.


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