Summer sales; indulge your inner shopaholic at reduced prices

Summer sales; indulge your inner shopaholic at reduced prices

Publish on Wednesday, 5 June 2019 in Shopping

The Summer Sales are back in Paris from June 26th to July 23rd, 2019! To take advantage of the occasion, opt for a summer break at the Hotel Albe Saint-Michel, located a few minutes’ walk from the Forum des Halles shopping mall and close to many small shops...


Six weeks of bargains at rock bottom prices...

If bargain hunting is your bag, don’t miss the Summer Sales (les soldes d'été) in the world class shopping city that is Paris. The capital’s main shopping areas, such as the Boulevard Haussmann and Rue de Rivoli, are a magnet for shopaholics at any time, but particularly so when prices are slashed to the bone. The Hotel Albe Saint-Michel is just a stone's throw from the Forum des Halles. Seize the opportunity to come and enjoy some discount retail therapy beneath the spectacular curving canopy of this vast underground shopping centre.


The Forum des Halles offers a shopping spree not to be missed

An impressive modernist architectural achievement, the Forum des Halles is home to nearly 200 French and international brands of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, beauty products, sporting and leisure goods, electronics and much more. The Forum des Halles even has a couple of multiplex cinemas and a choice of some two dozen places to eat; ideal when you need to unwind and get your strength back after a heavy shopping session.

Also bear in mind that the 1st arrondissement of Paris is a great place to find small vintage shops specialising in 70s and 80s fashions. Not far away, where the Faubourg Saint-Antoine and the Rue de Rivoli meet, you can find plenty of shops and chain stores offering great ranges of ready-to-wear. All good reasons to give in to temptation!


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Hotel Albe Saint Michela 3-star hotel in the heart of Saint-Michel district

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