Looking for a brunch ?

Looking for a brunch ?

Publish on Friday, 26 January 2018 in Gastronomy

Did you know that brunch comes from English and is a combination of breakfast and lunch?
If you do not learn anything, you must be a fervent amateur of this traditional meal ... But have you experienced all the brunches of the capital? The best one?
The team at the Albe Saint-Michel hotel has made a small selection around the hotel ... Brunch in all forms: buffet, menu, sweet, salty, veggie etc. So treat yourself!


5th arrondissement : 

Breakfast in America
Brunch Loulou Friendly Dinner

4th arrondissement : 

Brunch Benedict
Comptoir du Trésor

3rd arrondissement : 

Biglove Caffè

6th arrondissement : 

Eggs & Co
Brunch l’Alcazar
Brunch Frou Frou
Café Buci
Le Hibou
Le Germain
Le Pré
La Palette


Bon appétit ! 

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