In the heart of the Saint-Michel district

In the heart of the Saint-Michel district

Publish on Tuesday, 8 March 2022 in Visit Paris

Today, your Hotel Albe Saint-Michel team takes you on a tour of the charming district in which we are fortunate to be situated: Saint-Michel. Located between the Seine and the Boulevard Saint-Germain, these elegant streets bustle with activity. With its cafés, bookstores, trendy boutiques, jazz clubs and arthouse cinemas, the district offers plenty of entertainment and is full of places where you can have a drink and enjoy a meal. These are our favourites…


Satisfy those cravings in Saint-Michel

After taking a walk on the nearby Ile de la Cité or exploring the Latin Quarter, you will easily find somewhere to eat in Saint-Michel. For example, you can opt for a delicious galette complète followed by a homemade chocolate crêpe at Chez Suzette. This creperie, which offers many tips of the beret to its Parisian origins, retains an evocatively vintage decor. To vary your gustatory pleasure, you can sample the Turkish and Kurdish specialties of Anatolie Drum. All dishes are fresh, homemade and cooked over a wood fire. Finally, enjoy the flavours of the mountains with a meal at Chalet Saint-Michel. On the menu: raclette, fondue and Savoyard specialties of all kinds.


And for lively evenings

Saint-Michel is also renowned for its dance bars in the great tradition of the Caveau de la Huchette, which has hosted performances by the greatest American jazz musicians. Your Hotel Albe Saint-Michel team particularly recommends Bull's Brothers. Sip a beer while seated on a barrel and enjoy the typically American ambiance and the rhythms of hip-hop. Or, for a total change of atmosphere, check out L’Hirondelle! With a literary vibe and maintaining the tradition of the district, this bar also hosts jazz concerts. Finally, soak up the friendly atmosphere of L’After Room. Come for a beer in the early evening and you may still find yourself on the dance floor in the middle of the night!

A magnet for visitors and Parisians, students and literature enthusiasts, the Saint-Michel district is fascinating. Your Hotel Albe Saint-Michel team will be delighted to help you discover it.


Photo : © flickr mia!

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