The exciting summer programme of the Palace of Versailles

The exciting summer programme of the Palace of Versailles

Publish on Thursday, 15 July 2021 in Visit Paris

It only takes a few minutes on foot to reach the RER rapid transit railway station when you want to leave the Latin Quarter, the intellectual and commercial heart of Paris where your Hotel Albe Saint-Michel is located. Then it’s a thirty-minute journey to Versailles and the superb Château of the Sun King, the Palace of Versailles. Take a trip back into the 17th and 18th centuries and enjoy an experience made even more magical with summer events ...


A timeless setting

The Palace of Versailles remains one of the most visited places in France. Built in homage to the glory of one man but celebrating the French savoir-faire of its architects, gardeners and artists, it welcomed figures who made their mark in historical events that span the centuries. Adding to the opulent splendour of the buildings, the gardens and the park create a verdant enchantment in which dazzling grand perspectives alternate with intimate groves where stone nymphs cavort with the great figures of ancient mythology. This is the glorious setting every weekend of the summer for the Musical Fountains shows.  

A stroll through the grandeur of yesteryear

Every Saturday and Sunday in summer, from 09:00 to 19:00, until October 31st, the fountains dance and sparkle. Bubbling freshness, powerful jets, iridescence gleaming on the sculptures, the pools regain their original dynamics and create sublime scenes. From 10:00, the sound of baroque music will immerse you in the atmosphere of the court of Louis XIV. On Saturday evenings, the party continues with the nocturnal Fountains show, when the play of light completes the magic until the grand climax of a fireworks display lights up the sky over the Grand Canal. Finally, on Saturdays, the Royal Serenades invite you to attend a real French ball amidst the gilded magnificence of the famous Hall of Mirrors.



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