News of the Hotel Albe Saint Michel - Culture

Publish onTuesday, 15 January 2019, in Culture

Just a few minutes from the Hotel Albe Saint-Michel stands the Louvre, the largest and most visited museum in the world! Did you know that it was originally built in 1190 as a fortress to protect Paris before becoming the home of the Kings of France? Read on as our team offers some facts and figures about this temple of culture and invites you to discover some upcoming exhibitions.


Publish onWednesday, 6 June 2018, in Culture

Just before summer and the period of summer holidays, Paris offers some new exhibitions in its most iconic museums


Publish onWednesday, 18 April 2018, in Culture

Recently inaugurated, the Atelier des Lumières is the new place of exhibitions which is a sensation in Paris. And for good reason, this old foundry dating from the nineteenth century offers a dream space: nearly 3300 m2 of projection area.

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