A new museum in Paris!

A new museum in Paris!

Publish on Sunday, 19 February 2017 in

In France and particularly in Paris, the perfum is an obvious fact. It is a part of our history and of our lifestyle.

A place dedicated to the perfume was nevertheless missing in Paris!

it is now done!

We therefore suggest you to take benefit of your stay in Hotel Albe Saint Michel, to make a perfumed visit to the quite new perfume museum  located in 73 rue du   faubourg St-Honoré.

Open from Tuesdays till Sundays from 10:30 am till 7:00 pm and until 10:00 pm on fridays

Inside this 19th century mansion, you will be introduce to the three mains chapters of perfume history. During the visit you will have the opportunity to smell up to 60 fragrance.

Crédit photo : © Isabelle Chapuis & Alexis Pichot 

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