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Publish onSunday, 5 January 2020, in Visit Paris

A superb example of the Gothic style, the Sainte-Chapelle rises in the heart of the Palais de la Cité, a residence of the kings of France for four centuries. This royal chapel was built between 1242 and 1248 by King Louis IX, commonly known as Saint-Louis, to house the crown of thorns of Christ, a precious relic of Christendom acquired by the monarch. The building’s walls were built to prominently showcase stained glass windows that rank among the finest in the world.


Publish onThursday, 5 December 2019, in Events

Discover the many attractions and events organised throughout the capital in the run-up to, and during, the festive season. The Hotel Albe Saint-Michel will help to make your Christmas in Paris a wonderful experience that you’ll always remember!


Publish onTuesday, 5 November 2019, in Visit Paris

“Bien sûr nous avons la Seine” (Of course we have the Seine) sang Barbara in her beautiful ballad, Göttingen... And it’s on the banks of the Seine where you can find a wealth of bookstalls and, nearby, beautiful bookstores... Paris is written about, but Paris also reads and reads a lot. So, here’s a brief guide to the city’s shrines to the written word.


Publish onSaturday, 5 October 2019, in Culture

After a day of more conventional cultural experiences, why not finish with a visit to Le Champo? This vibrant and vital French movie institution has been providing quality cinematic selections since 1938. Le Champo Espace Jacques Tati, to give this delightful film theatre its full name, is a must-see place in Paris, especially since it's only a five-minute walk from our Hotel Albe Saint-Michel.

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