News of the Hotel Albe Saint Michel

Publish onSunday, 5 July 2020, in Gastronomy

The summer guinguettes are the modern versions of the popular old waterside cabarets and drinking establishments that sprang up on the fringes of 19th century Paris and are ideal for pleasant meals and evenings of fun and relaxation.


Publish onThursday, 5 March 2020, in Visit Paris

The Palace of Versailles was a hunting lodge, a royal residence and the seat of absolute power before becoming a historical monument and museum in the 19th century. Set aside a whole day to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the retreats situated in its grounds and its vast and splendid gardens spread over 800 hectares.


Publish onWednesday, 5 February 2020, in Visit Paris

During your stay at the Hotel Albe Saint Michel, opt for the Paris Passlib', a very handy key that opens numerous doors and gives you access to a multitude of benefits. It’s the official pass of the City of Paris, helping to make your time here easy, simple and convenient!


Publish onSunday, 5 January 2020, in Visit Paris

A superb example of the Gothic style, the Sainte-Chapelle rises in the heart of the Palais de la Cité, a residence of the kings of France for four centuries. This royal chapel was built between 1242 and 1248 by King Louis IX, commonly known as Saint-Louis, to house the crown of thorns of Christ, a precious relic of Christendom acquired by the monarch. The building’s walls were built to prominently showcase stained glass windows that rank among the finest in the world.

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